Our Mission.

                        My name “Mr Teary Eyez” and I created Teary Eyez. I didn't create Teary Eyez with the intentions of becoming a t-shirt brand. I created Teary Eyez with intentions of spreading a message. I  believe that if we respond to the tears of the people, we then will be able to solve the problems of the world.  
    I believe the solutions to our problems lies within our tears. Let me explain... When we are born into this world we communicate through our tears. When someone hears a baby crying, it is natural instinct to cater to that baby’s needs.  At some point in a child’s life we stop catering to the cries of our  babies. We even began to view crying as a form of weakness.  Do to our unanswered tears bottled emotions like stress, grief, and frustration lingers  in the hearts of those who don't  cry. When a person goes through life carrying these bottled emotions they tend to inflict there pain onto someone else. In order to break the cycle we must address the  issues that’s causing us to cry and spread awareness until one less tear is shed. 
       Here at Teary Eyez I created a platform that brings people together through our tears. No matter what race, religion, nationality or ethnicity you are tears are the common ground for us all. It’s time we unite and spark conversation about  the  things that's destroying us. In hopes that these same things be what brings us together, our tears. 

                                     Sincerely- Mr Teary Eyez.