Teary Eyez history.

  Teary Eyez was a blurred vision Towan Amir Miller had in late 2004. In 2007 The first Teary Eyez item was created. In 2010 the Teary Eyez  trademark was officially filed, and Teary Eyez started being sold out the trunk of a car. 

  In 2012 the first Teary Eyez location was purchased. A mobile  home converted into a mobile store on wheels. This innovative idea caught the eyes of many onlookers whenever it pulled up to a vending event. 

  In March of 2015 The first Teary Eyez mall kiosk was open for business. With Teary Eyez innovative concept and eye catching designs, Teary Eyez quickly became a popular brand and even opening  its second location just one year later. 

     In July of 2016 Teary Eyez released a t-shirt that reads “ This Has to stop!” with a silhouette of two stick figures beating on a man. This shirt was referenced to police brutality. The t- shirt design “This has to stop” sparked a controversy in Cherry Hill Mall that went viral on social media, local newspapers, radio stations and News stations.


    Teary Eyez has opened five locations in five different cities from New york to Georgia. Employing over 100 people to help spread the message through apparel. Towan “Amir “Miller has even been honored by  the Mayor of Philadelphia  for his hard work and entrepreneurship in taking the company into new heights.